The Legend of Iveswood

Where hope hides in shadow.

Welcome to Skylia.

Tell me, dear reader: do you enjoy meaningful stories of adventure, mystery, tragedy, and redemption? Are you fond of stumbling across fantastic creatures or faraway lands that capture your imagination, and refuse to let go? If so, I think we’re going to get along brilliantly.

In addition to working on a series of books called “The Legend of Iveswood,” I seek to meet this desire for satisfying stories by posting (at times cautionary) tales of a master thief, of dragons, giants, and stranger creatures of my own invention, of large matters that shaped a land called Skylia, and of small matters that all connect in some way in the end. The posts on here may serve as an introduction to the first volume, or be sampled as ‘bonus material’ once you have glimpsed the main work, (if you are one of my helpful beta-readers, at this point).

If you are interested in seeing when the first volume comes out, or when I add new short-stories and world-building posts, do to sign up for the email newsletter below so I can let you know. I won’t be sending them out more than once a month, as I want to put as much time and care into each of the official posts as I can, but seeing your interest in this work is a huge support and source of motivation, so thank you!

A last note for readers:
In case you remember hearing the so-called ‘Tales of the Shadow’—spawned by Lord Adelric’s lies and the rumors of Storm and Phantom’s escapades—as referenced by Clara and others, I am posting them one at a time here.
Alongside those are little stories exploring people, creatures, and events referenced in the series in greater detail—history and mythology that swath Skylia, collected in the Wrythenmere or passed around campfires.
If you happen to remember that mysterious, green, leather-bound book Storm was always so protective of, and like Clara, you would like to know what was inside it, I am posting “entries” from it here.
Side-note: the symbol in the header of this site is the same mark stamped in wax on the cover of Storm’s green book. (That little detail is foreshadowing for something to come, eventually… ~O.O~). You can see it more clearly in monochrome in the Gallery, under ‘Illustrations.’
And finally, I’ve posted three ‘Deleted Scenes’ of varying ages, from previous drafts of Volume 1, in case you’re curious to see how drastically some things changed and what stayed the same. I have a few wilder, unused “experimental” pieces I might post too, if there is any interest in them.

Happy reading!

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